Rent a bus in Kiev and Odessa

The need to rent a bus can arise for various reasons. Transportation of a group of tourists, a school trip, delivery of workers to the facility, departure of the company to a corporate event, wedding - you can list for a long time. The bus is a comfortable, affordable, profitable mode of transport for city trips or long-distance travel.

Benefits of renting a bus

The advantages of the bus rental service in Odessa and Kiev can hardly be overestimated. If you are a manager, then you do not have to think about how company employees will get to their workplaces - people will be delivered quickly and safely. If we are talking about going on a picnic or other out-of-town event, then renting a bus will be a much more profitable option than a regular taxi. Is it worth mentioning how convenient a multi-seater vehicle is for transporting guests at weddings or other events.

Bus transportation from Nazari

Transport company "Nazari" offers transportation services for passengers by buses. At your service are comfortable cars that are maintained in perfect technical condition. Passenger traffic in Kiev, Odessa or intercity trips - we offer our clients only high-quality services at reasonable prices.

How to book a bus in Kiev or Odessa?

The company's vehicle fleet consists of various vehicles, so we can order both minibus and tourist bus rental. To complete an application, you must contact the company's dispatcher by phone, indicate the address where you need to submit the transport, the final destination, the number of passengers and, if required, the time that the bus will be at your disposal. The dispatcher of the company will accept the application and immediately state the cost of the service.

The Nazari company has been operating in the transport services market for several years and has an excellent reputation among customers. If you have placed an order for a bus in Kiev, you can be sure that it will be delivered to the agreed place on time. We are real professionals in our field, therefore we do not let our customers down. Bus drivers are qualified professionals with a long history of accident-free driving. We employ only polite, tidy and punctual people who know city and intercity routes.

Nazari bus fleet consists of modern cars, the technical condition of which is closely monitored by the company's technicians. Thanks to this, bus transportations carried out by our buses are reliable and safe.

Among the company's cars, there are both large tourist liners and small buses, which are ideal for a small group of people. Renting a minibus in Kiev is an excellent replacement for an ordinary city taxi.

Among the advantages that attract our clients are the following:

Today, ordering a bus in Kiev from the Nazari company is affordable, reliable and comfortable.