Car towing services

Towing from Nazari Taxi is a fast way to transport a car

Towing a car becomes a necessary service in case of a sudden breakdown of a car on the road, delivery of transport to a service station after an accident, in the event of an empty fuel tank. Towing must be carried out correctly, if the technique of transporting the damaged car is violated, a monetary fine may be imposed on the owner and the towing vehicle.

If the car is not properly fastened, the cable may break, and on the go, such an error is dangerous for the lives of road users and the client's property. Therefore, the taxi service "Nazari" offers towing services that are implemented in accordance with all the rules, in compliance with safety regulations.

Towing cars from Nazari is a convenient, profitable service

The Nazari company carries out towing of cars in Kiev, Odessa, as well as their suburbs. The service ordering procedure is simple:

If you have never participated in the procedure of towing a car, the Nazari driver will tell you the rules of behavior behind the wheel of a towed car and will correct your movements.

Taxi towing from Nazari provides its customers with the following benefits.
  1. Quick response to the request. The taxi for towing will arrive at the place of the call a few minutes after the call to the dispatcher. The damaged car will be delivered to the address as quickly as possible, as far as the car will allow. If you need to find a quality car service, the Nazari driver will be able to give useful advice on this matter.
  2. Choosing a safe route. Thanks to the knowledge of the city by the Nazari drivers, towing will take place along the safest route, which has a minimum of movement. This will reduce the burden of transportation to a minimum, and will allow the client to feel calm.
  3. Possibility of ordering the service around the clock. Nazari operates seven days a week, so towing can be ordered both day and night.
  4. Affordable prices. Towing by cars will be inexpensive, this is the optimal solution for any motorist in a difficult situation.
  5. Safe transportation. The towing of the car will be carried out in accordance with all traffic rules, and the equipment used is pre-checked for reliability and durability.

Towing Taxis are a convenient, affordable solution for unforeseen situations.