Working conditions


Mobile Taxi app. To collaborate, you need to install the app at Link (Android 4+)


Commission is deducted from the program account after each order is completed

subscription fee

three types of subscription fees for using the app
  1. 2 UAH per day on a permanent basis;
  2. 4 UAH per day upon at least one completed order;
  3. 20 UAH per week upon at least one completed order.

programme account

the account can be replenished at terminals or by non-cash orders. Funds on the account are always available for withdrawal.
The maximum negative balance is -0 UAH, after which the program will be blocked.

replenishment terminals

receiving and executing orders

ways to receive an order
order types
payment type

idle time

to correctly calculate downtime, you must:
  1. by Feed time via the "Enable downtime"setting;
  2. when a passenger gets into the car, click the "end idle time"button.

penalties *

penalties for a failed order, for a false call to Baikal, for a false request via hot buttons and text messages
number of breakdownsfine
1st breakdownwarning
2nd breakdown50 UAH
3rd and more100 UAH
* the Company reserves the right to make changes to the terms and amount of fines

order failure

order failure
exceptions that do not apply penalties to the partner driver:

communication with support

Kiev City rates

minimum fare (UAH / km)40/155/265/260/290/2
cost of 1 km (UAH)688,5078
Country rate 1 km (UAH)91111,5010,5011,50
idle time 1 min. (UAH)1,50221,502
free waiting (min)55555
driver (UAH)115115115115115
transportation of an animal (UAH)2020202020
air conditioner (UAH)151515
Courier (UAH)3030303030
salon loading (UAH)3030303030
meeting with a sign (UAH)5050505050

driver's responsibility

the driver can be blocked until the situation is clarified, via:
forbiddenthe driver has the right to cancel the order in the event of
independently change / increase the tariff inappropriate or aggressive customer behavior
ask customer to cancel order
contact customer after order completionof pronounced alcohol or drug intoxication
use swear words in the presence of a client or employee of the company
discuss ethnic, intimate, political and religious topics if the customer's clothing is significantly soiled
transfer the order or customer data to 3 persons
withdraw an order before the delivery time is canceled by the control room, take a new order without completing the previous onerequirements for transportation of dangerous or unformatted baggage that may cause damage to the car or not fit in the luggage compartment
fulfill an order on another car. When changing cars, you must notify the dispatcher service
arrive to order with a third party or pick up fellow travelersif the number of customers exceeds the specified technical characteristics of the vehicle
General responsibilitiescommunication responsibilities
serviceable and clean car, driving experience from 1 yeartolerant and polite communication with clients
waiting for the client at least 5 minutes from the time of delivery of the carcurrent phone number in the program
compliance of the auto class and additional requirements with the parameters specified in the ordermandatory execution of the order upon its confirmation or refusal within 3 minutes by " driver's refusal»
neat appearancediscussing all the details of the order / route before it is completed
knowledge of the main automobile connections of the citywarning the customer in case of delay on the order; if the customer is not satisfied with this, cancellation of the order execution by "driver's refusal"
compliance with traffic rulesphone call to the Information Support Department to recalculate the order price
availability of change fundsavailability of funds on the program balance and on the mobile account for communication with the client/dispatcher

additional services


The Baikal function is used in situations where your life is in danger. After the signal "Baikal", the police are called to your place and sent to the nearest partner drivers with a request for help.